Tips to earn a SANS Certification

In late September of 2022, I began my journey towards becoming a SANS Certified Incident Handler. The entire point of the certification is: The GIAC Incident Handler certification validates a practitioner’s ability to detect, respond, and resolve computer security incidents using a wide range of essential security skills. GCIH certification holders have the knowledge needed to manage security incidents by understanding common attack techniques, vectors and tools, as well as defend against and respond to such attacks when they occur. [Read More]

Administrating a Minecraft Server

“Rebooting is a wonder drug - it fixes almost everything” ~Garrett Hazel Minecraft is a game that was released in 2009. And ever since multiplayer was added, people have gathered with others to create servers to play together. And with that would come amazing builds, fun storylines, and some friendly mischief. I was always interested since I was younger with hosting a Minecraft server myself. Part of it was to play with friends, the other reason was that I was broke. [Read More]