Back to Writing

Welp, I’m back to the blog again! It’s been about 11 months now since my last one, and a lot has changed! I’ve moved, gotten into disc golf (along with my fiance, pictured below), and I’ve gotten a new job! It’s been so fun, but things have finally settled enough for me to begin writing again. Some additional topics that I’ll be able to write about now (other then camping) is going to be Disc Golf, the Minecraft server that I administrate, and just anything else that comes to mind (cybersecurity of course as well). [Read More]

Welcome to, well, me!

Hi all, and welcome to my website! There are going to be a lot of things that are going to end up on this blog, but to begin with, I’m just happy you’re taking the time to read this! First, a little bit about me! I am a Security analyst by day, and a lot of different hats by night. Wether I’m out camping, playing videogames, watching a movie with my girlfriend, or helping with church, I always end up being a bit busy. [Read More]